Recipes so good it oughta' be a sin!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Oughta' Be a Sin!

"It oughta' be a sin!" That was a phrase Mama would utter when she ran across things that were just too good or too decadent. Since I began Sugar Pies that phrase has run through my mind more than once! In the past couple weeks my kitchen has been full of great smells and great tastes as I've worked on recipes for the blog. In fact, I have way too many sweets right now for someone who is desperately trying to shed a few pounds before their next doctor's appointment!

So, I've taken a few days off from active baking till we use up what we have ("Waste not, want not" to quote my grandmother.) So, this morning I've decided to share with y'all some of the great recipes I've found at I hope you enjoy them and I hope you'll consider joining that great and friendly site to share your own with this great community of cooks.

Kentucky Butter Cake caught my eye immediately. This superb and simple recipe from Annie is right up my alley and I can't wait to try it out in the future. It's sort of a take on a pound cake that uses buttermilk in the batter for that extra buttery goodness and moistness us Southerners love so much. Be sure to check out Anne's great blog: Cooking with Anne.

Sarah shared a great and easy recipe for Lemon Bars. I love lemon bars and had a good friend who used to make fantastic ones! I still have to ask her to give me that recipe again! At any rate, Sarah's bars are quite easy to do and look and sound delicious!

GuiltyKitchen featured a recipe for Idle Hand Bars that are made with peanut butter and chocolate and also feature hazelnuts and pecans! The photo of the dish itself will make your mouth water! You can also check out the Guilty Kitchen Blog.

RiverRose present a great non-dessert with Creamy Lemon Chicken Pasta. I made this a couple weeks ago for supper and it turned out magnificently. It's an easy recipe and very affordable but makes a nice presentation. Be sure to check out her blog about cooking, life and travel!

Theresa has become a valued friend at and she recently shared her take on the Coconut Macaroon. She adds a cherry to these traditional treats making them perfect for the not-too-distant holidays! You can also find Theresa blogging at the wonderful Sleeping Kitten, Dancing Dog.

Annacia made my mouth water with Stardust Chocolate Pancakes. Pancakes and chocolate for breakfast, what could be better? You'll love this great and decadent take on a classic breakfast recipe. Just the thing to impress those holiday guests this year! Annacia blogs at The Dark Caffe.

Finally, since I cover mostly sweets and desserts on Sugar Pies, you don't know that I am the French Fry God. Yes, French Fries are by far my favorite food and despite what so many gourmands think... there is an art to them. I can tell you who has great fries and who couldn't fry a potato if their life depended on it. Amazingly, this simplest of dishes is the bane of many good chefs for some reason. Anyway, I ran across a tweet about making fries at home from some well known cooks who seemed to shocked to learn there is more to it than throwing some raw potatoes in hot oil. Oh yes, dear friends, fries are a 3 step process to be done right.

Check out this post at for a step by step tutorial. Then, if you enjoy a little kick to those fries, try my Seasoned Salt Recipe:

1/4 cup Paprika
2 heaping Tbls. Cayenne Pepper
2 heeping Tbls. Finely Ground Tellicherry Pepper
2 heaping Tbls. Popcorn Salt (fine salt)
2 heaping Tbls. White Pepper
1 heaping Tbls. Garlic Powder
3 heaping Tbls. Chili Powder
pinch of ground Ginger

That is not for the faint of heart, but if you love some kick to your fries (or anything else) throw a little of that on there and I promise it will rock your world.

That's it for today, y'all. I'm working on a recipe for a Malibu Rum® Coconut Cake that I'll be testing in the next week or so and will present here should it be a success.

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