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Monday, September 27, 2010

Voting for Project Food Blog Challenge 2

Voting for Project Food Blog's second challenge begins at about 6:00am Pacific time this morning. Amazingly, Sugar Pies managed to advance out of the first round. Thanks to everyone who voted and to the judges who saw something of interest in our humble endeavors here.

Of course, now we have to ask for y'all to vote for the blog again, this time for our Peruvian Expedition meal which features Seco de Pollo, Papas a la Huanaica and T'antawawas. For this challenge it will be even more important for you to vote because it looks like the groupies are forming for the big boys and girls. I say that with some humor because I've been following the #PFB2010 hashtag on Twitter. Interestingly, what I see from the judges "tips" video seems to often be in direct opposition to what the groupies consider "killing it" for the entries. It'll be fascinating to see what the professionals who are judging pick versus the food blog groupies.

So, here's your chance to be my groupie! (Lordy, lordy the things we do!) Take a moment to vote for Sugar Pies at Project Food Blog 2010. We can use all the help we can get this time around!


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