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Our Policies

Sugar Pies Editorial Policy

Scope of site

  • The focus of the Sugar Pies blog is on baking and home cooking. Recipes presented are designed for use by the average to advanced home cook and reflect real world work in the kitchen by non-professional cooks.
  • Advanced recipes that are presented will be presented in such a way that the average home cook without advanced training in a culinary school should be able to accomplish the dish successfully.
  • Every posting will have either a recipe attached or be related to cooking, traditional cooking (including stories and anecdotes), or kitchen tips.

Photographic Policy

  • Photographs on the site should reflect the actual dishes prepared from the recipe given when possible.
  • Photographs will not be retouched or lit in such a way to give a false impression of the result of the recipe.
  • When appropriate, stock photographs will be used to illustrate articles or techniques.


  • We accept advertising for any food or kitchen related products.
  • We do not accept public policy or advocacy advertising. This includes food production associations and manufacturer associations who wish to influence public policy or law regarding their products or the safety of their products.
  • Honesty is a cornerstone of our relationship with our readers and the public. Therefore, we reserve the right to honestly review or critique any and all products regardless of any advertising relationship we may have with their producer, manufacturer or distributor.

Commenting Policy

  • Spam comments are not allowed and will be removed.
  • Links within comments are not allowed. There is a URL field in the comment form where you may place a link to your PERSONAL site. Business, affiliate, or MLM links are removed in the moderation queue (if you are interested in an advertising relationship, please contact us!)
  • Comments that harass other users, are in poor taste, inflammatory, promote hate or utilize profanity will not be allowed. This is a family friendly site!

Twitter Follow Policy

Twitter, being what it is, forces us sometimes to make choices. While "old style" Twitter geeks will say that it is proper "etiquette" to follow everyone who follows you, that simply is not realistic with the explosion of scammers, pornographers, and those running pyramid (MLM) schemes.

So, I must choose those that I follow in order to have a pleasant experience for myself and for those who follow me. Therefore, I have established the following guidelines.

I DO NOT follow:

  • "web entrepreneurs" particularly those who assure me they can help me make millions on the web.
  • Life coaches, diet gurus, or exercise/fitness gurus.
  • Multi-Level Marketers
  • pornographers or those offering various "adult" services
  • Right wing political posters. This includes, homophobic posters, racists, anti-women, Tea Party, and Libertarian posters.
  • people evangelizing for their religion. I do not feel I need to be saved via Twitter.
  • high school or college kids who tweet only about parties or shopping.

I DO follow:

  • Fellow cooks, bakers and foodies
  • Rational LGBT Twitterers (by rational I mean, those posting about issues in the community and not sexually explicit postings or pictures).
  • Progressive political causes posting information of interest and use.
  • Social justice advocacy groups.
  • Interesting individuals.

Thank you for your understanding. I appreciate all the great people who are now following Sugar_Pies on twitter and enjoy the recipe and other ramblings.

Facebook Policy

We maintain a Facebook Fan Page to facilitate interaction with readers who are frequent users of that site and to promote interaction about food and recipes. We have developed the following policies to insure a pleasant experience for all our Facebook Fans.

  • Spam posts are not allowed on the Facebook Page wall. This includes both business posts and personal posts designed only to promote a personal site or cause.
  • Personal links to favorite recipes will be allowed. 
  • Posts unrelated to food or food issues will not be allowed on the page.
  • Any posting that is deemed in poor taste, harasses other users, promotes hatred or intolerance, or violates copyright laws will not be allowed. 
  • Chronic abusers will be banned from the page.
Thank you for your help in keeping our Facebook Page usable for everyone!

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